Aug 26, 2008

Rotary Club Trainer

Do you know everything there is to know about Rotary?

I know I don't, and I bet your Rotary Club members don't know everything either.
And I'm not suggesting that every Rotarian should know everything, but we want to keep Rotarians in our clubs, and the best way to keep them is to make sure they are engaged in Rotary and have knowledge about the organization.

In an effort to help educate our Club Rotarians, the Club Trainer was established by Rotary International in late 2006.
Our Rotary District 5710 made the commitment to embrace the Club Trainer position to help ensure that our Club Rotarians were as informed as possible about Rotary and our programs. The more informed we are about a subject, the more we will see all the good things that are going on and the more involved we will become.

Each club needs to establish the position of Club Trainer and ensure that the position is filled each year with a Rotarian that will take the initiative to use the materials available to teach their club more about the World of Rotary.
If your Rotary Club does not have a Club Trainer, ask your Club President to do something about it !!

It doesn't take that much time. Maybe just 5 minutes at a club meeting to have a question and answer session, maybe have a Rotary minute each week with helpful facts about Rotary, or maybe at a club assembly, have some District Committee chairs come in and have some round table discussions. Anything you can do will be of service to your club and the world of Rotary.
Learn more at the District 5710 website:
Click on Training in the left column, then on the Training page, in the left column, click on Club Trainer.

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