Sep 3, 2008

End Polio Now

We Can Do it !!!
OK....lets just say you had been working to eradicate polio in the world since 1983. You had been working with the World Health Organization, UNICEF and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. You were down to the last 1%....the hardest and most expensive part of the effort....
Now this new guy comes along and says, I believe in you. I believe in you so much that if in 3 years you and the other 1.2 million Rotarians in the world can come up with $100,000,000 that I will give you a matching $100,000,000 to finish your dream. And he believes in us so much that he has already given us his $100,000,000 !!!
Well, this guy (and his wife) is Bill and Melinda Gates and their Foundation.
Now all we have to do is have each Rotary Club (all 33,000 of us) donate $3,000 to our Rotary Foundation under the name of Polio in the next 3 years! Piece of cake !!! Now we know that there are some very small clubs around that could never make the $3,000. But we also know that there are some very large clubs that can make a lot, lot more than $3,000. So it will all even out. The main thing is that we do what we can, and do it as quickly as we can.
Many of you may remember donating to Polio eradication in the past. Some of us, 2 times. So this time, lets get everyone involved. And I don't mean just Rotarians, but the members of your community. Use the resources that Rotary has provided and educate our communities about Rotary's effort to eradicate polio. Set up fund raising events so they can participate and feel good about being part of the solution.
click on the title of this blog to get to the Rotary website, specifically the Polio section.
In 1988, 1,000 children a day were diagnosed with Polio.
In 2007, worldwide 1,315 cases were diagnosed the entire year!
That's progress!!
Think where we will be after this last push. Lets get out there and get this done !
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Anonymous said...

This is really important. We are so close to having a dream become real with Polio eradication, we must do what ever is necessary to beat this disease.