Sep 23, 2008

Zone Realignment

We have talked before about how Rotarians are organized into Rotary Clubs, Rotary Clubs are organized into Rotary Districts and Rotary Districts are organized into Rotary Zones.

We in District 5710 are currently part of Zone 29. The picture on top is a current depiction of Zones 29 and 30. Kansas to Ohio and Illinois to Louisiana.

During the last Rotary International Council of Legislation, it was determined that due to the declining membership in the US, we would have to eliminate a Zone and a realignment would be necessary to equalize the membership numbers among the Zones.

The map on the bottom is a depiction of the new Zone structure for the US. District 5710 will become part of Zone 27. Kansas to Idaho and Montana to Texas.

The Zone realignment will take place effective July 1, 2009.

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