Aug 26, 2008

Rotary Zone Institute

So, what is a Zone Institute? Well, Rotarians (you and me) are organized into Rotary Clubs, Rotary Clubs are organized into Rotary Districts and Rotary Districts are organized into Zones. Zones cover a large area and are represented in Rotary International by a Director. We are currently part of Zone 29 and represented by RI Director Tom Branum. You club presidents may remember him as he was one of the speakers at our President elect training seminar (PETS) in April 2008.

For economic benefit, Zone Institute is combined with Zone 30, so Zones 29-30 have their event together.

Zone Institute is really training. Early in the week the District Governors elect get some much needed training and the District Trainers have a day to learn more about Rotary and how to get Rotarians in their District trained.

The rest of the week is spent in different sessions, speeches and breakouts with Rotarians providing Rotarians information about what is going on, status of our Foundation, goals, objectives, projects, etc. It is really great!

We also get to hear from next year's RI President, John Kenny from Scotland. DK Lee, our current RI President, will also be there to speak to the group.

This year's event will be held in Indianapolis (hence the logo) September 9-14.

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