Aug 18, 2008

District 5710 Foundation Banquet

Rotary is an International organization.

Sure, we do a lot of local projects that help out our communities, but in the big picture, we are all about helping people all over the world.

The reason we are able to fund all these projects is our own Rotary Foundation.

By giving to our Foundation we are able to financially support our mission of world understand and peace. In the meantime, we work to eradicate Polio from the WORLD; provide scholarships to those who would dedicate their lives to conflict resolution; help young business men and women live in another part of the world for a month and see how their profession differs from their country with Group Study Exchange; more scholarships for Ambassadorial Scholars to study for a year in a university of a foreign country; in developing nations, provide clean water, provide eye surgery, prosthetics so people can walk again; oh yeah, the matching grants we use to fund our local projects....and the list just goes on and on !!!

All this is made possible by our Foundation, we need and must support it financially. How many other foundations dedicate 100% of the donations to projects?

Now, here is an enjoyable way to help, attend our District Foundation Banquet!

Block of the date, November 8, 2008.
It will be held at the Overland Park Sheraton, 6:00pm

Go to the District 5710 website for more information and a registration form. There are many options available, buy a table for your club and give a Paul Harris Fellow recognition, have your company sponsor a table and get your business promoted or just come and enjoy with your spouse.

From the main page of the website, click on events at the top, then go to November on the calendar, there it is on the 8th. (November is Rotary Foundation month)

Hope to see you there !!

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