Nov 15, 2011

Rotarians and Youth Exchange students from all over District 5710 met in Reading Kansas to help with the cleanup after the tornado damage earlier this year.  A message from District Governor John Vandewalle: On behalf of Rotary District 5710, I want to thank all of you for getting involved in helping the people of Reading, KS.
As Rotarians and friends of Rotarians, we pride ourselves in being able to touch the hearts of humankind one person at a time.
We are always distraught at hearing of the devastation and destruction people are being subjected to around the world and often despair.
Being associated with Rotary allows us to not only despair but to act and often when others have already made their contribution and moved on, we are there.
Reading, KS was almost totally wiped out by tornadoes but the people are coming back despite the hammer of misfortune. To a large degree, this small community devastation was  somewhat overshadowed and forgotten by the limelight received by the tragedy in Joplin, MO.
Each one of you if you were there in person or in intent contributed to the wellbeing and future of hope for the people of Reading. To all the leaders and organizers, be proud of yourselves and we are thankful that you chose to come to the fore on this occasion.
I am sure that we will be back in Reading in the spring to spurn their situation and give the people a renewed appreciation of the good in their neighborhood and a future of renewal.
This was a true District wide response that brought many clubs, Rotarians and friends together in our District and allowed us to realize that we can be Bigger, Bolder and Better.
Reaching within to embrace Humankind is what it is all about.

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